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#100DaysOfCloud | Day 3

What Did I learn -

We learned a bit about docker networking, adding and removing networks, with commands such as docker network create and docker network rm . We also went into how we would add a network to an existing container, as well as disconnecting it, and into pruning unused networks, this was with docker network connect, docker network disconnect and docker network prune, in that order.

What Did I Do -
I finally got to my Minecraft Server lab (Sweet!) First, we are running this on a Running on CentOS 7. After we have our cloud server spun up we need to have Java installed, for this, we will search for the right java runtime env, the package we want is java-11-openjdk. Then we want a dedicated user for security with a dedicated user for our Minecraft application, for this we verify the package and dependencies are installed we sudo useradd minecraft. Then we go to the root and ensure there is a subdirectory in /opt that is for Minecraft, using sudo mkdir /opt/minecraft. Then change ownership to our Minecraft user using sudo chown minecraft:minecraft /opt/minecraft (or the user you made). Then download the latest MC Server jar file
Run the Jar file, find the EULA file then change the file in VIM to agree. Last we want to create a Minecraft Service defining the
[Unit],[Service],&[Install]. Then reloaded our systemctl daemon via sudo systemctl daemon-reload. Then made sure our service will start our service via sudo systemctl start minecraft.

For tomorrow -
I really want to work more on Docker Storage and Dockerfile.

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