Estimating quality of a codebase

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Just how?

You've just got a new job, or a new gig. You are now working on an existing software with a codebase already in place. You start reading the code to understand the code and check its quality.

  • What do you look for when estimating the quality of the code written?
  • What are some red flags that would give you an indication that something is wrong?

Really curious about what you think.

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I first look at the code style

  1. is it consistent
  2. how big are the units (i.e. type/methods/files/..)
    • are they small

Then I look at the pre-commit phase of the project

  1. is there a simple and quick build/verify process
  2. is there basic static analysis
  3. how many unit tests are there

A 'no' to any of these is a red flag.

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