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10 Ways Developers Make Money Coding - Overview

I recently switched from working at a company to freelancing and had a lot of my friends asking me: how's that going.

I'll tell you what I told everyone: It's going great, and I am really surprised I succeeded in this. The minimum salary I've got till now is $500/day.

You have to be good in order to switch to freelancing and get to those numbers, but is not that hard, so don't overthink, just start.

Because I successfully managed to convert 2 of my friend from 8–5 jobs to freelancing, and more of my friends want me to help them, I decided to create a video series about that later this year. It will be free on YouTube, so be sure you Subscribe here.

In this article, I'll share an overview about what I do to increase my income cash flow online from home and how you can do this too. This is only the first video of a video series.

Overview video(click here)
00:00 Intro
00:24 Running A Youtube Channel
00:58 Live Coding & Streaming
01:21 Courses
01:44 Digital Products
01:57 Software-as-a-service
02:41 Why&how To Blog
03:17 Freelancing
04:40 Working As A Professional Developer
05:13 Mentoring
05:18 Contributing To Open Source
05:26 Outro

Upcoming videos(subscribe to my YouTube channel to see them):

  1. Running A Youtube Channel
    00:00 Intro
    00:24 Running A Youtube Channel
    00:58 Live Coding & Streaming
    01:21 Courses
    01:44 Digital Products
    01:57 Software-as-a-service
    02:41 Why&how To Blog
    03:17 Freelancing
    04:40 Working As A Professional Developer
    05:13 Mentoring
    05:18 Contributing To Open Source
    05:26 Outro

  2. Live Coding & Streaming
    00:00 Intro
    00:23 Why live coding?
    00:36 Where to start?
    01:11 Introvert? No problem
    01:31 Listen to your audience
    01:41 Have fun coding
    01:52 Platforms to stream
    01:56 Make money coding live
    02:15 Set goals for your audience
    02:33 Acknowledge donations
    02:41 Subscriptions
    02:50 Mentoring sessions
    03:05 Outro

  3. Courses
    00:00 Intro
    00:19 Why create a course?
    00:43 Youtube videos
    01:00 How to create a course?
    01:25 Create a course outline
    01:43 Software
    01:54 Grow an audience
    02:09 Platforms to sell a course
    02:22 Publish course to your own website
    02:44 Marketing
    03:13 Landing page
    03:27 Q&A
    03:34 Create your own Newsletter
    03:45 Ways to Get People to Buy Your Products
    04:01 Post-launch Discounts
    04:27 Affiliates
    04:40 Outro

  4. Digital Products
    00:00 Intro
    00:19 What products to create?
    00:35 Why digital products?
    00:52 Instant access
    01:18 Where to sell?
    01:57 How to create a product?
    02:05 How to write a book Google Docs
    02:17 Create videos
    02:24 Create page templates/Create page themes
    02:34 What to do when you don’t have ideas? - boost ideas
    02:52 Build an MVP
    03:15 Marketing
    03:34 Create your own Newsletter
    03:40 Growing Your Audience
    04:09 Sell anything by Creating a Bundle
    04:20 Outro

  5. Software-as-a-service
    00:00 Intro
    00:21 What the hell is SaaS?
    00:43 Pros
    00:52 How to build a SaaS?
    01:05 Ways to start
    01:21 How to deal with competitors
    01:34 Lean thinking
    01:53 Build features that people actually use
    02:05 How to Validate Feature and Product Ideas Before You Build
    02:31 Choosing the Right Tech Stack for Your Project
    02:53 Scaling tips
    03:15 Trending Tech Stack
    03:26 Choosing the Pricing model for your business
    04:01 A typical validated learning process
    04:16 Analysis Data
    04:43 What is User testing?
    05:06 What is Split testing?
    05:48 Saas Marketing
    06:01 Saas Marketing Examples
    06:30 Ouro

  6. Why&how To Blog
    00:00 Intro
    00:20 Why start blogging?
    00:41 Write articles
    01:04 How to increase Motivation as a Blogger
    01:18 Stop thinking and start doing
    01:37 Find your audience
    01:53 What do you need to start blogging?
    02:03 How to create a blog?
    02:39 Gather Audience
    02:49 How to grow an audience
    02:56 Create an email newsletter
    03:04 How to make money blogging?
    03:12 How to add Ads on the blog
    03:22 How to Affiliate and Market a blog?
    03:30 Make money via Sponsored posts
    03:36 How to promote services and products?
    03:53 Create content and get paid
    04:00 Outro

  7. Freelancing
    00:00 Intro
    00:20 How to create a website
    00:42 Be Professional - Register an LLC
    00:56 Why choose Freelancing?
    01:03 How to start freelancing
    01:22 Outsourcing
    01:50 How to create a good portfolio
    02:10 What a great portfolio should contain
    02:24 How to charge for a website
    02:27 Hourly Pricing
    03:06 Project-based Pricing
    03:38 Value-based Pricing
    03:51 How to get clients?
    04:16 Tips - how to get more clients
    04:26 What are Google Ads
    05:08 Keywords to bid as a freelancer
    05:34 How to get more sales/conversions
    05:51 Linkedin Ads Tips
    06:12 Linkedin InMail Ads Tips
    06:33 Build your own website
    06:45 Freelancing platforms
    07:00 Get clients fast as a freelancer
    07:20 Outro

  8. Working As A Professional Developer
    00:00 Intro
    00:24 Background
    04:25 Opportunities When Starting Out
    05:01 How to Prepare for a Job
    06:41 Take Online Courses?
    07:04 Bootcamps?
    07:18 What College Taught Me
    07:41 How to Learn Faster
    07:57 Make Your Free Time Count
    08:21 Effective Way to Improve Your Code by Reviewing Open Source Code
    08:50 Start Creating an Mvp
    09:06 Get Others Opinions
    09:16 Find a Mentor
    09:26 Create a Portfolio
    09:36 Portfolio Website Checklist
    10:09 Think Outside the Box
    10:18 Be Professional
    10:54 Job Application Tips
    11:32 Tips for Great Job Interviews
    11:54 Make Linkedin Profile Impressive
    12:26 Outro

  9. Mentoring
    00:00 Intro
    00:20 Monetize tutoring
    00:57 Practice your skills
    01:13 How much to Charge for online mentoring?
    01:46 Provide value mentoring and people will come like a stream
    01:55 Outro

  10. Contributing To Open Source
    00:00 Intro
    00:22 What is Open Source?
    00:42 Can you make money with Open Source?
    01:13 Github Sponsors
    01:25 How to Engage people to Finance your work?
    01:49 Start a Patreon
    02:01 Set monthly audience goals
    02:10 Benefits of Open Source as a web developer
    02:22 Create a premium version of the Open Source project
    02:30 What is Freemium software
    02:40 Outro

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