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What did I learn the past two months?

Hi there

Awesome people in this short post I’m going to tell you about things I learned the last few moths, what did I learn , what projects did I create, and some useful things that I want share with you. Let’s get into it.

Django Web Framework

One of the most important things I learned on vacations, while my whole city was in quarantine due to the pandemic, was Django.

Django is a Python web framework, that allows Python Developers to develop awesome web applications, rapidly. I learned it the hard way with youtube Videos and making Projects on my own.

Useful Django Tips:

  • Start making Projects from the start:

I think that Project Based Learning is the best type of learning you can do, since you apply and build something on the road, and you can actually se the applications of what you are learning.

This concept applies even more with Django, since it is a really extensive topic, and you could lost in the theory easily.

So start now and create small projects with the help of a Tutorial or a youtube video, there are plenty of it.

Some Projects

Talking about projects, I created my first large project that took me to finish like one month and a half. It was a Blog Application developed with Django, Bootstrap, Django template language and a tiny amount of javascript.

Also it was the first app that I made available on Internet. through heroku. Heroku is a specialized web hosting made for specific environments, like Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js and more.

I'll create a Heroku Series on app deployment with Heroku and Django.

Lastly, If you are curious about the Project named *Developer Road * (There I'll be sharing even more blog Posts), you can access it here.

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