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JOnConf 2020: Java trends and best practices - FREE Online conference

Our team is proud to announce a brand new event we put together for developers. And everyone is invited! In times where social distancing is absolutely necessary we want to bring career growth and networking opportunities directly in your homes.

Our goal is to provide you with exclusive training on the best Java practices as well as trending tendencies in the industry. FREE of charge! Directly from the experience of Java champions with over a decade of experience in the field.

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To make the event special, we recruited our long-time partners and Java champions who have previously been featured in our Java Daily newsletter. I want to share with you more about some of those industry leaders who will be taking developers under their guidance.

  • Sven Ruppert has been working with Java since 1996 and is an Oracle Developer Champion as well as a speaker, helping developers worldwide to grow their business.
  • Victor Rentee is an independent trainer and consultant as well as a renowned Java champion. He has been teaching developers for the last 8 years with over 1500 trainees worldwide.
  • Nicolas Fränkel is a developer advocate who has been working with Java with more than 15 years. He has extensive experience consulting customers from various fields. His training experience extends past courses and conferences and into university halls and institutions that provide a higher level of education.

  • Some of Dreamix’s own leading specialists will be taking the stage as well, digitally speaking, to share their first-hand experience from years of developing custom software.

The full list of 10+ speakers is yet to be announced, so keep an eye out for that! With over 5 zoom rooms and multiple workshops, you will dive deep into the latest trends and best practices in the Java world.

We hope we see you in our virtual rooms a few weeks for now. While there is still time, the sooner you secure your spot the better! So head on to the JOnConf website and take a look at the schedule and topics that will be covered over the weekend!

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