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Why I Switched from Notion to Webflow

I started my business using Notion for absolutely everything. Notion is a place where I organize my thoughts and put together all the resources I provide for the Hackpack community. When it was time for me to make a website, I turned to Super (+ Undraw for graphics), which allowed me to simply make a website off of Notion pages. It was great tool in the beginning and allowed me to spin up a landing page super easily. But, as I ran into some reliability and scaling issues, I had to look for another solution.

After a bit of initial research (& a lot of recommendations) I finally looked into Webflow. What I found was a no-code website builder. As a developer, I was very excited to see this. I have used no-code tools in the past like Zapier, that felt like I had a secret weapon as I worked. When developers, who already have an understanding of how computers work, are able to use these tools we move so much faster. It made starting with Webflow super easy for me to use.

In the end, I decided to switch over our website from Notion to Webflow because of a few points.

1. Dynamic Content

We needed a CMS (content management system) that knew how to handle dynamic content. In Notion you need to go through every single page manually to make any changes and it ended up taking way more time than it was worth.

2. Blog

As our business leaned into our blog and started optimizing certain articles for SEO, we needed a platform that would host a readable blog. Notion is a good start, but the content was portrayed on the page versus Webflow was incomparable. Webflow also makes it easy to do SEO in bulk, embed links in each page, ect. The result was a much cleaner look with way less work.

3. Scalability

Webflow is meant to grow with you as your company changes and grows. There are millions of templates and the customization options are endless. We often felt stuck using Notion and it took more time to manually make changes then it was worth.

Another perk is that the Webflow tutorial videos are some of the best iโ€™ve seen. Super interactive and funny they almost have a personality. There is of course a learning curve when you start using a new program but Webflow made it easy to learn more about the program.


Donโ€™t get me wrong, if you need a simple landing page really fast you should just use Super/ Notion because it really is super easy, but anything more complicated I would use Webflow.

The entire process took ~3 weeks to migrate. I was working on it part time for ~2 and then spent one full week working on it. Definitely worth it.

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