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Dany Tulumidis
Dany Tulumidis

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Ceelei - A CLI tool for the CLI


Hello there!
This time I wanted to share a little tool I wrote last week that helps me in my daily work and maybe it's also helpful for others, for you!

The problem

As a developer, I work inside the CLI. A lot. I really like it but how often I don't remember a specific command that I used months ago or maybe only days ago. Then I have to step out of the CLI and Google it or open my notes to search for it. This brings me out of my flow and discourages me to use the CLI sometimes.

The idea

Last week I decided to learn some Golang. A programming language that was on my To-Learn-List for a long time. Searching for a project idea is often difficult. Then I really thought about problems I can solve for myself. Making my life a bit better.
So my thoughts:

Improving my CLI workflow would be nice.
Go and developing a CLI tool matches perfectly!

Most important for me was that this project taught me the basics of Go, helps me in my daily work but isn't too big that it would cost me multiple weeks.


Ceelei was born. Ceelei is my little CLI tool that now helps me in my daily work as a developer.
You can add a command to your Ceelei list inside your CLI and list it at every time also inside the CLI. You don't need to leave the CLI at any time!
It's completely written in Go and Open Source.
The readme in the repository tells you everything you need to know about how to use it.
Feel free to check it out, suggest ideas, or just use it for yourself.


Learning a new technology or programming language is the most fun when you can solve a problem that you face in your life.
It was a lot of fun and maybe I will develop more features for it in the future.

Stay connected to me and my content on Twitter.

I love to improve myself every single day even if it's just a tiny bit!

Stay safe and healthy guys!

And as always: develop yourself!

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kishanbsh profile image
Kishan B • Edited on

For the same problem, i use the all powerful fzf

This is a fuzzy finder

Basically i remember bits and portions of the command i used before eventhough not the full one, so $ history | fzf gives me what i need. There is also an out of the box shortcut for the same ctrl + r.

This is a far more powerful cli tool. in my opinion it is definitey a must havein your cli tool belt. :-)

kishanbsh profile image
Kishan B

I definitely love your cli as well :-)

danytulumidis profile image
Dany Tulumidis Author

thanks for the info, will check this out! :)

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