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My Kind of Advent Calendar: #Javascriptmas

I had an Advent calendar as a child, which consisted of a paper calendar with flaps to open and reveal a graphic for the day. It was so exciting to open the window flap each day and discover a new surprise, all while counting down the days until Christmas!

Over the years, I've discovered that there are many different types of Advent calendars, some providing tasty treats like daily chocolates or an alcoholic beverage. Now, I've finally found the ultimate type of Advent calendar for us geeks: daily coding exercises!

The first time I heard of Scrimba was at a Women Who Code virtual meetup. It was Typescript study night, and I was interested in attending so that I could improve upon my Google Cloud Functions. They had us do the Scrimba Introduction to Typescript tutorial. I was impressed with the platform and how easy it was to code on the same page where you were watching the tutorial videos!

Fast-forward to November, and while I was browsing the Scrimba Black Friday sale (my kind of geeky holiday shopping!) I came across an announcement for the forthcoming Javascriptmas challenge! At first I was a bit nervous that they would be too challenging for my level, but it turned out to be great for learning how to write idiomatic Javascript. Some of the challenges were easier than others, as I'm currently still getting through one of the CSS exercises (maybe I'll need to find a CSS Advent calendar next year). Overall, it's been a great learning process for me and I found these to be the top 3 benefits of participating in Javascriptmas:

1. Consistent daily practice

When learning any new skill, it is important to practice on a regular basis, and Javascript is no different! Having daily challenges helps to build up the muscle-memory for remembering what you've learned, so that you can apply it to the following day's tasks!

2. Learning from other Javascriptmasser's solutions

I really appreciated being able to browse other Javascriptmasser's solutions on Twitter and Discord. It's amazing how many different ways there are to solve the same problem, and how much you can learn from reading other people's solutions!

3. Having something new to look forward to each day!

I've really had a blast anticipating the new challenges that would be revealed around 9PM (in my timezone) each evening for the past few weeks! On some nights I would refresh the browser as if I were waiting for popular concert tickets to go on sale.

I'm so glad I discovered a new type of Advent calendar this year through Scrimba! Merry Javascriptmas, everyone!

My Javascriptmas 2020 Solutions

Day 1: Candies

Day 2: Deposit Profit

Day 3: Chunky Monkey

Day 4: Century From Year

Day 5: Reverse a String

Day 6: Sort by Length

Day 7: Count Vowel Consonant

Day 8: The Rolling Dice

Day 9: Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers

Day 10: Adjacent Elements Product

Day 11: Avoid Obstacles

Day 12: Valid Time

Day 13: Extract Each Kth

Day 14: Maximal Adjacent Difference

Day 15: Carousel

Day 16: Insert Dashes

Day 17: Different Symbols Naive

Day 18: Array Previous Less

Day 19: Alphabet Subsequence

Day 20: Domain Type

Day 21: Sum of Two

Day 22: Extract Matrix Column

Day 23: Social Media Input

Day 24: Spinner Game

You can access all of my solutions on GitHub!

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