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darrencearnaigh profile image Darren Kearney (he/him) ・1 min read

I deleted my facebook account earlier in the year. This was a long time coming, and difficult as I run lots of local events and advertised those mostly on facebook. Since then I've had to find alternative social networks for connecting with communities. Now I typically opt-out of using a feed of any kind.

I felt like a cranky luddite when I shared my contact email address with all the friends who did not already have it or some other way of contacting me.

I have really enjoyed taking more control over the media I consume, taking a more active role in seeking out news rather than getting it from the same very small group of creators.

When I was leaving, many friends expressed a desire to leave too. However, they felt they had good reason to stay on facebook as it was the most convenient channel they could use to connect with their family.

Please let me know your opinions on the matter! Here are some questions to get the discussion going:

  • Have you taken a break (detox) from social media before?
  • What compelled you to take a break?
  • Did you return to use social media after your break?
  • Did anything change in your life, or the way you interact with social media?

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sukhbirsekhon profile image
Sukhbir Sekhon

I have been on social detox for few months. After watching the netflix show “the social dilemma”, I decided to stop using all the social media apps I have on my phone. I have deleted them all. First few weeks were rough because like any addictive thing, I had an urge to use social media to check what’s happening in my friends’ lives. It was hard, but I didn’t give up. After those hard few weeks, I felt good and I was engaged in doing more activities rather than staring on phone all the time.
Social media apps were addictive and it feels good to be not using them anymore. I had to get out and I did! Currently, I am only on watsapp (because of family contacts and groups) and twitter (to follow politics).