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Do you wear earplugs at loud music events?

Darren Vong
Developer with strong interests in encouraging diversity in tech, travelling and occasional tea drinking.
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Whenever I go to a loud music event (by that I mean going on a night out, going to a music festival etc), I dread that horrible ring (tinnitus) you get in your ears for the next day.

Earplugs seem the obvious solution to help with this, and yet for some reasons, I feel like not many people seem to wear them when they go to these events! Why do you think that's the case?

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buphmin profile image

I try to every time and don't really care how they look. I specifically use ones designed not to alter the way the music sounds, but to just reduce it to manageable levels. I don't know if they are the best ones in this class but they work.

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Darren Vong Author

Yeah I use them for the exact purpose rather than trying to alter the sound in any way.

These seem to look a bit more discreet too, will have to do some research on this!

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Scott Simontis

I've been meaning to start. Hearing loss already runs in my family and I do enough damage with the badass sound system in my car. With outdoor shows I don't feel the need because I prefer to hang back a distance, but for indoor shows, I really have no excuse.

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Marcos Theophilo Gobbi Adamczuk

I guess people are afraid to look uncool

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Darren Vong Author

I feel that's literally it, apart from any other practical reasons that I couldn't think of 😅

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Gaffen • Edited

I probably should but don't... I regularly perform at loud music events near to a drum kit. My drummer does but I get paranoid about not hearing if we're making mistakes or not.

Apart from that, disorganisation mainly - I even have my own earplugs somewhere but have never worn them 😅

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Jesus Macedo

I never thought about this before and I've never seen people using earplugs but it actually makes sense to protect the hearing in this way.

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