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Enigma 7.0 - An Online Cryptic Hunt

Enigma 7.0

It's an Online Cryptic Hunt that my friends at IEEE-VIT and I had developed. We curated and created a bunch of questions and put it as a challenge to the open vast world of internet in the hopes that one could solve it. We conduct this cryptic hunt every year and till date its a record that no one has been able to solve it!

If you are ready for a challenge head over to Enigma 7.0 and try your best to crack it!

Put your thinking caps on and give those brain cells some good exercise!


Shoutout to IEEE-VIT for creating this epic game, had fun developing this, do let me know your thoughts about the game in the comment section, meanwhile you can also follow IEEE-VIT on Twitter.

Sneak Peak

Here is how it looks!


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khyatigupta0285 profile image

Some really challenging questions and really cool graphics. Definitely the top on my list this year!