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David Ricardo
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Memories #05

Are you finish?

Not not yet.
One more old project, I named it "Tales Of Shadows".
This one is done with C++ and Blueprints using Unreal Engine developed in 2019 as a Personal Project.
Experience a new game engine and trying to make something more complex.


This time I will not put the code on Github, or I will? I think it's not needed but if people ask maybe I can put it.

I will just make some advertising (to be honest is what it looks like) of this game.
I was putting here some old memories and old projects and this one is also one of them so here is he.
Don't worry, there is just left one memory to be posted tomorrow!

Do you want to check out?

If you want to check out the video about the project here on the link below:
Youtube Playthrough

Social Media:

Youtube Channel
Twitter Account

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DynamicSquid • Edited

GitHub :)

davidcricardo profile image
David Ricardo

Whoa, I really wasn't expected someone asking :)
I will notify you when it's available!