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DevOps Engineering, what is it? Pt 1

DevOps is a practice of operation and development engineering teams participating together in the entire process of software/service lifecycle from requirement definition and design, to development and deployment process, and delivery and to monitoring (production support).

DevOps practices apply continuity in every stage of the software lifecycle providing, software/solutions that meet the always-changing customer’s requirement.

In the traditional software development process, the waterfall model was used. Though the model had various advantages to certain kinds of engineering project execution like smaller projects where requirements were very well understood and it was a one-off project. Such projects will not be revisited for updates and change, if this happened the project will be at risk of deadlock. The waterfall model was not effective in delivering large software projects.

Engineering teams had to look for a better process that is agile, iterative, and accommodate changing requirements. The Agile model shifts focus to providing a short-fixed timeline that allows for continuous immediate feedback from the customer and the ability to move deliverables into production. DevOps practice is an offshoot from agile development because it ensures that software continues to be available. DevOps and Agile model brings the ability to quickly embrace changes and succeeding in a dynamic environment whilst increasing collaboration between developers, operations, and business teams. The fusion of these two offers the following;

  • High-quality software that can be deployed faster, be monitored, and maintained easily.
  • Continuity in the software development process like automation, continuous development, continuous testing, continuous integration, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring.
  • Rapidly receive and implement feedback from customers into working software for business growth.

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Enyi Uchechukwu Miracle

Quite expository!

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David Dennis

Thank you!!!

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Adopting Agile processes to scale up deployment, continuity in software development and rapidly receive and implement feedback from stakeholders

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Top-notch explanation