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hi everyone! I've been doing custom wordpress sites for about 6 years as a freelancer, started when I was in college and have continued since I graduated last year. recently I've stepped into a front end role for a C# application and am loving it so far

outside of dev world I'm all about music. I play in an emo band and go on tour a couple times a year (sleeping in a van, no WIFI, what???)


Awesome, congrats on your new role. Sounds like it's going to be balancing act between your job and the band. That's a great way to get away from the screen though.


thanks! yeah it can be a challenge but luckily my boss is super cool about it. his sons do music and the app I'm working on is music centered so it makes sense!

and yea, it's a great release especially after a day of hairy bugs


it's called citysick! we be on spotify n stuff. new music coming out end of august :)


How was the transition from Wordpress to the C# app? Different expectations?


it was actually way easier than i thought it would be since i can actually edit the source HTML rather than use a template override, filter, or whatever. there is a C# guru doing all the hard C# stuff though, I'm mostly just changing the cshtml and moving things around

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