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David Romero
Don't expect too much, just my Developer Journal.
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Here we go. Since the start of my developer career I always wanted to keep a daily Journal. A little space to share in a informal manner my conquers and defeats in the software world.

A day goes by, code gets written and deleted, tabs get open and closed, books get read, and somehow I get a feeling I'm not moving forward. Endless procrastination? YouTube dependency? Information OverFlow ? Overthinking ? dunno

The Daily Entry will have (al least) an overview of

  • Current Project(s) working on
    • Feature or Bug
    • Code snippets, maybe
    • Concepts to learn
  • Useful links
  • Ideas for future me
  • Lessons learned ___

The main idea being, Having to force myself to document my day and review it, also for future references.

Shall we begin...

Discussion (3)

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Bernhard Wittmann

Hey David, I also try to get myself to keep a developer journal but it didn‘t seem to work out for me yet :) thus, I‘m keen on reading about your experience ;)
How/Where do you plan to journal? Pen/paper, any apps or tools? :)

davidromero profile image
David Romero Author

Why not? I guess is a healthy way to get things out of your head and check the progress on projects. I'm new to so maybe here, there's so many people sharing great stuff. Cheers

berniwittmann profile image
Bernhard Wittmann

Yes, I definitely see the benefits. I‘m struggling to make it a habit and incorporating it into my workflow :)