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Prisma - Backup System

// start

Hi everyone!
GitHub of the Project

Use this module to create a backup measure for your project that uses Prisma. You can either backup the information, or use them to migrate to another database, or just to reset the database.
Example: Let's say that you need to change a unique key (email) to another like (code). You can backup first,
then change the schema.prisma, and use this module to inject the old information.

// How To Use

Basic example using the Prisma, let's imagine that we have two models, User & Post. And the Post model is related to the User model.

import { PrismaClient } from '@prisma/client';
import { backup } from '@vorlefan/prisma-backup';

const prisma = new PrismaClient();

void (async function () {
    const [user, post] = await prisma.$transaction([prisma.user.findMany({}),{})]);

    // w/out encrypt

    await backup({
        models: {

    // encrypting the models

    await backup({
        models: {
        encrypt: true,
        password: 'pwd123',
        backupFolderName: 'encrypted'
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// End

There a lot of feature that I'm planning for this module, then if you want to, please contribute or follow up the news xD

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