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Github - create a branch from issue

Coming from Gitlab to Github, the most wanted and used feature for me was the automatic creation of feature branches from issues.

This was two years ago.

Surprisingly, Github has yet to implement this useful feature. Currently, It's one of the most requested features on Github.

Realizing this, I went ahead and implemented it using the Tampermonkey script.

  • After installing it, you will see a new blue button on the issues page.

  • Clicking on it will create a new branch, which will have the same (almost) name as an issue.


Source code and installation instructions are on Github:


Please try it out. I really hope it will be useful for many.

And I would appreciate your feedback

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dcuccia profile image

Hi, thanks for this. When I install as a team-wide app, I do get the default behavior of creation-upon-assignment, but I don't see the button appear for "manual" generation. Am I missing something?

dbumbeishvili profile image
David B.

Not sure what you mean

Is this related?

zacharyve profile image
Zachary Velasco

Why is this not a chrome extension?

dbumbeishvili profile image
David B.

Because you can have more control using tampermonkey. Also creating chrome extensions requires more time commitment and you are more dependant on external factors