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Internationalization of Angular App

How to Internationalization our Angular App?
That's the question my project manager fires on me suddenly a morning and I have no idea about the implementation of Multilingual content in Angular.
As a fresher, my first response is Let me search some good npm packages for that, i'll try some and get back to you in evening.
But i found mostly packages are either difficult to understand/implement or key-value feature need default sentence as key.
So here what i finally found after going through hundreds of Github/Google/Npm pages - why don't we implement our own approach like other projects.
It takes one hour of my day and finally first sentence of App is multilingual.
Things I use: Service, JsonFile/ServerJsonResponse, Pipe with Default value handling.

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Internationalization of Angular App

I will upload source code shortly.

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Ricky Stam • Edited

Actually Angular supports i18n, you can follow a step by step guide here:

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Nikhil Rathi

Hi Ricky, i tried to follow it too. But file format and impl. of this approach is complex for just a beginner in Angular.

  1. I faced problem in generating dynamic locale files from server too.
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Ryan Gails

I've used ngx-translate in the past. It's pretty simple to implement and you can get translation from static json files or from your DB.