I'm learning graphql and I love it so far

DeChamp on September 13, 2019

So I'm learning graphql for a new project at work and so far it's pretty awesome. I like the concept.

I'm using https://www.howtographql.com which is super useful.

What is your experience with it?

Tips? Warning? suggestions?

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I've been working with this technology for about a year now, but I only understood the basic principles of it until recently. A few days ago I finished fullstackopen.com course from Helsinki University (totally free) which has a section on GraphQL. If you're looking into more advanced stuff with GraphQL, this course gives a great basis for it, strongly recommend


I first got exposed to GraphQL via Gatsby, which uses it for build-time configuration of data loading into React components. I just think that's cool as all heck - brilliant "off-label" use of the tech. It all disappears in the build stage - your compiled, production-ready bundle has no GraphQL in it at all. When building your site, you get built-in access to GraphiQL configured for your project, which is such a great way to explore and play with your data as it grows and changes.

I haven't spent enough time with it to give any tips, just want to second your "pretty awesome" verdict.


+1. We rebuilt our webiste with Gatsby. It was a really fun experience and got everyone on the team to learn a little React.


That is awesome. I'll check out Gatsby, I heard of it just hadn't used it. Love me some react.


I hope you do - GraphQL is just one of the many things I like about working with Gatsby! I tend towards a framework-averse personality but Gatsby has made a lot of the same choices I would have as well as some I wish I'd thought of.


We've been using GraphQL for a project and we have absolutely loved it (Rails + ruby-graphql and a React SPA with Apollo).

Are you focusing on the server-side or consumer side of things? If you're working on the frontend, I highly suggest investing in a library like Apollo. Managed cache, UI library support, testing helpers, and so much more give you a huge headstart in architecting your frontend's communication with a GraphQL server.


going to be both! Ya, so the other team is already using Apollo, so that is what we'll be doing too. Glad to hear you've liked it so far.


Hi here I’m my experience I loved work graphql with react and Apollo library but the best integration with a database is with this library to nodejs graphile.org/ and if you learn more about Row Level Security you will have a pro stack with graphql.


I love GraphQL and Elixir. Preparing a Elixir/Phoenix/Absinthe/GraphQL tutorial


i began with ruby-graphql on a legacy app a couple of years ago, at the same time learning react and using apollo client. it's been an adventure. i am to the point now i understand it as well as i understand rest, and very much prefer it, mainly for the client's sake.


Pretty neat tool, really fun to work with. Definitely has its use cases.


Anyone switched from JSON:API to GraphQL recently? How you felt? Was it relieving?


Anyone using GraphQL on top of MySQL? ANy tips on how to get started?


Prisma (prisma.io/) is a great way to approach MySQL and GraphQL.


I just started working with GraphQL and Ruby, and I absolutely love the concept too. Just wanted to wave and say hi, excited to see where you go with it! :)


Have you got to Apollo React hooks yet? Those are awesome, decreased the code on some of my components almost in half :D


Using Apollo rest link on the front-end since backend is all REST. Wish I used it on a project at my previous company.

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