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Best programming languages to start your coding journey with

Whether you are looking to start coding as a hobby or to pursue a career, the very first step is to decide which programming language to begin with.

There are hundreds of programming languages in widespread use, each with it's own complexities, pros and cons. If you are a beginner then it might be confusing to choose where to start from, after all you will be putting time and efforts into learning so you would want to steer in the right direction.

There are several things to consider while making your decision like:

• The fields which are accompanied by the language
• Speed and Efficiency
• Portability
• Degree of use
• Level of the language
• Developer Experience
• Level of difficulty
• Job opportunities
• Support and Resources

You should do a thorough research about the benefits and drawbacks of the language you want to choose, consider the above mentioned conditions along with your requirements and kickstart your coding journey.

Be Curious and Keep Learning!

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treyofcourse profile image

I learned python first now I'm focusing on C and then will be doing C++

protecstudio profile image
ProTec Games

My first language was MS visual basic and HTML in Class 7

HTML in Class 8

Scratch and Python Class 9

And Now in Class 10 Scratch,Python,HTML,CSS

Some of my Seniors say that my school will tech me little C in Class 11 and C++ in Class 12

This is my website I made this in my school computer lab and at home it took 1 day to fully program it

Please visit 👆🏻 it 🙏🏻

Your younger bro.

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Christina Zell

Im learning python right now and am interested in cyber security. Should i keep going with python then learn linux? Or just start with linux?

deeksha_51 profile image

For the field of cyber security linux plays an important role so if you can manage, you should start learning linux in parallel with python.