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JavaScript String length Property

Hey there!
In this post and video, I'm going to explain how to use JavaScript length property with strings to find/count the number of characters in a string

When you use the length property with JavaScript strings it counts the number of characters you have in that string and returns a/an positive/integer number. That includes empty string, empty space.

Let's create 2 variables:

let firstName = 'Ada';
let myData = firstName.length; // returns 3
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The way it's used is after or at the end of a variable with a .length like so firstName.length

If you check the typeof both variables the firstName is a string.
And myData is a number.

console.log(typeof firstName); // string
console.log(typeof myData);    // number
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If you are a visual person here's a video tutorial with code editor and whiteboard example.

Thanks for reading this.

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