Are you starting to forget everything?

delta456 profile image Swastik Baranwal ・1 min read

I am lately forgetting everything about writing code, article and other things. I now do silly mistakes.

What can I do so that I remember everything again and to get motivated?

Also have you guys experienced the same if so can you help me how to deal with it?

I really need help! Thanks


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Hello Swastik,

first of all, I feel really sorry that you're getting through this, I know how it's like.

When I get myself into this situation I realize it can be because

1) I'm getting tons of stress at work, at my personal life, family or friends issues, or even something is blocking me because I want to build a new project but I don't have the time and that makes me anxious.

2) I'm burnout, so I must relax, take some days off and read, watch some series or films or play more videogames, until I feel that I'm ready again to code and give my best.

3) I need to rest, probably I'm got getting enough sleep or my body and head don't feel that I've rested enough, so I go back to the steps in the 2nd situation.

You're probably not forgetting things, your head just probably can't focus and need some good rest for a day or two... I hope you'll get better soon, we all get through this more than you think! Virtual hugs to you!


What I do each time I encouter a problem at work or on a side project, once it's solved:

  • I write it down in my notebook/online doc - When I had small issues while launching a server, deploying a branch, etc. You might encounter it again, so it's nice to have your own resource to refer to - no need to know it by heart!

  • Back to the basics. I did a bootcamp back in October/December 2019 and I must say I still need to learn the JS basics either because I forgot or did not learn them yet. I bought different JS books, like Eloquent JS, A smarter way to learn JS, to keep reading main concepts, practice every day, ideally

I'm still in this junior phase, so I also have trouble keeping up with everything, but I hope my suggestions will help :)