Education Qualification

delta456 profile image Swastik Baranwal ・1 min read

How much do you guys need to be educated for getting a degree in a highly reputation college/university for getting into big companies?


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Degrees and exams matter very little in practice in my experience.

Some of the best programmers I have meet were self taught, some of them were former physicists, some of them had a candidacies.

Some companies use it as a filter for job applications tho.

So I guess the answer is, it depends, sector, company values, geography, etc. all matter.

So, a question to ask first might be, where do you wanna work?


Probably somewhere I can have and get respect and people are good and friendly.


Education does increase your chances.

But, to get a job in a big company or small company NOTHING can compete with what we call "connections" (aka: I know this guy and I trust him).