Why do people like their own post?

delta456 profile image Swastik Baranwal ・1 min read

Why people like their own post or why forums, blogs, social media give option to like their own post?

I find this dumb to like your own post. No offense!


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Sometimes when I post something (e.g Reddit) the default is that the post is already upvoted by me, in which case I just leave it. Who cares if you like your own post I don't think it's that big of a deal 🤷


The other way to say, is Reddit allows you to downvote yourself.


Actually here on dev.to it's the same, I'm not going to unlike my post if it's liked by default 😂


I think it's "conceptually odd", but a non-issue at the same time.
For the sake of consistency you can always open a post and have a "reaction". Regardless of who wrote it. Also, it kind of incentivizes you to check your post.

But, really, it's a victimless crime. One extra up-vote is meaningless.


But... while you don't auto-heart your posts, it does with your comments. Now that's odd. 😜


To get the ball rolling. As simple as that.


Except that fails when we're conditioned to read 1 as the new 0. :P


I also wonder that,...is a form of narcissism.


Because at some point, you've got to believe in yourself.

While I'm kidding there's something there I think. Generally, it's automatic so the platform is assuming you like that thing you're posting.