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20 Amazing Software and Services to grab for Free with Student Email Account

I am sharing an aggregated list of the best software and services you can get for Free with a student email account. By a student email account, I actually mean an email account with a .edu domain.

If you have that, you'd amazed at the list of things you're entitled to.

Here's what you can get:

-GitHub Student Developer Pack (Including Free Domains, webhosting, amazing software services, Email servers and what not)

-Free Microsoft Office 365 (Including Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)

-Free .me domain for 1 year from Namecheap (with Free SSL certificate)

-Notion App Premium (Popular Note Taking app)

-eSurveyCreator survey software (Survey creation and distribution app)

-AutoCad and Maya3d (Free for life time)

-Free LucidChart service (Popular Flowchart service)

-Free JetBrains software (IDE platform)

-Google Suite for Education (Your school / university needs to enroll)

-Microsoft Imagine Student Portal (Includes Visual Studio, Xamarin, Free Microsoft Azure etc.)

-Last Pass Premium account (Valid for 6 months)

-Shapr3d designing and modeling service (For creating professional 3d models)

-Gliffy subscription (Popular diagram software to draw your ideas)

-Free Autodesk Sketchbook (Popular Sketching software free for 3 years)

-Portfolio Box Pro (Online service for creating professional portfolios)

-Lumion Pro (World's best 3d rendering software for architects)

-Tableau Desktop and Prep Builder (1 year Free subscription to both software)

-Invision App (Premium Product Design app for free)
Basecamp account (Popular Project management and Team collaboration software)

-Amazon Prime Student (Mega discounts and Deals on Amazon)

Link to all these services can be found in the source mentioned below. Do share your experiences with these giveaways with us.


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Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

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