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How to start App Development with .NET

I am a long-time C# developer. But I don't have so much experience in app development unfortunately.

I would love to develop an app with e.g. .NET MAUI or Blazor but I am wondering how to develop an ASP.NET API which I can then use in multiple constalations like in an app (MAUI/Blazor/iOS etc.) or in a web application like ASP.NET Razor Pages.

And then wonder why there is no ASP.NET template where ASP.NET Razor Pages uses an ASP.NET Web API. Especially it would be helpful if this also includes authentication and authentication and authorization.

Are there too good templates or tutorials here?
I would not like to use an Identity Server. I would prefer to use ASP.NET Identity but I also need to be able to develop an app that supports e.g. Apple Login which in turn uses the ASP.NET Web API securely.

Does anyone have a good starting point for these topics?

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Vaclav Elias

I haven't had a chance to read any of these but they are on my list

And you can check also any of these sections

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As far as I know Razor pages are server-side rendering solution, e.g. your code is executed on the server and then a generated page is delivered over HTTP.

Obviously nothing prevents you from using REST inside Razor Pages but it somehow feels weird. If you wish to I'd recommend a Refit client

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As you have experience with web development I would recommend you to try Blazor Hybrid. With Blazor Hybrid you can build .NET MAUI apps having UI components to be HTML elements.

If you want a template to start please check this repo