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Foundation Clone Script (Features + Benefits)

Due to NFT trading boost lately, there is a big interest and need for investing in NFT market generation. There are several best selections of NFT marketplace clone script that you can create a marketplace like that. One of the most popular NFT clone script is the foundation clone script which is currently holding a significant user base which is 100,000 active sales.
foundation clone development needs all the requirements for your business. In this article, we’re focusing on what one needs to develop and build his own NFT marketplace, such as, the prize one might pay, requirements, time needed and etc. this article is going to willingly provide you with all the information needed. So don’t go anywhere.

What is foundation clone script?

It is defined as an NFT marketplace which is based on the Ethereum blockchain- which is known as the most trustable blockchain- and needless to say that all its trades are done in smart contracts which makes the process faster, safer and securer. The technology of smart contract is actually of the facts that makes it popular. Additionally there are other factors and features that are worth mentioning, such as:
· Storefront
· Multi wallet integration
· NFT minting
· Asset categorization
· Analytics
· Asset listing
· Diverse types of assets
· Performance Monitor
. Advanced search option

Foundation clone script benefits

one might think of the questions like, why should I use Foundation clone software? What is so special about it? Can they convince me to do that? Why is there a need for an NFT Marketplace like Foundation? In this part I assure you that all your questions that have been spinning in your mind will be answered as soon as possible.
Any kind of artworks, are valuable and presently these artworks that have mostly converted into digital arts have become so popular and common, just like tangible and physical assets. So as mentioned in the introduction, they need to be mint, sold, bought and traded and these marketplaces just like Foundation, are there to do this for us.
Now here we are to present the benefits that makes this clone different
• High customization scope
• A modern cheap solution for starting an NFT marketplace
• Organization of instant NFTs auction
• Covert digital collectibles into outstanding NFTs
• Generate high ROI
• No technical expertise is needed
• All the major factors like auctioning and bidding can be managed by the admin
• Designed by real-time performance tracking functionality
• Containing dashboard user and cutting-edge admin
Here we are going to briefly explain some benefits of Foundation clone that makes your business profitable.
Multiple asset format: Multiple backing for digital assets is available on the foundation clone app. Minters can mint their NFTs into multiple formats like 3D arts, videos and images.
Significant user base: Foundation is holding a significant user base since it’s 100,000 active sales.
Backed by Ethereum: one of the most reliable blockchains in the industry is supporting the foundation so there is no doubt that it is one of the best.
Charges: This NFT marketplace clone script charges 15% of the total price as a fee in the secondary market. This can reach a high ROI for platform owners.
What is white label Foundation clone script?
It is metaphorically a shelter for all the information that are vital and important so that it makes the platform a safe place for all the assets that one might have on their own marketplaces. For starting a marketplace like Foundations, it is better to use a ready to deploy, because it prevents the time to be wasted and it is easily customizable based on the owner’s preference.
Artworks that are supported in Foundation
Any digital assets can be converted into NFTs to give exclusive ownership to them. It’s essential to have a sufficient understanding of NFTs and digital assets so that when the time comes to do your business, you can customize it based on your requirements and the concept of your special marketplace. Here are some domains of digital artwork that are supported by this clone script
• Photos
• Videos
• Music
• Sports
• Celebrities
• Metaverse
• Blogs
• Domain names
• Games
• Real estate
• Fashion
• Art
The Blockchain technologies that can be customized on foundation clone
• Ethereum
• Tron
• Polygon
• EoS
• Corda
• Open Chain
• Stellar
• Hyper ledger
• Polkadot
• Azure blockchin
ERC token standards
• ERC-721
• ERC-20
• ERC-1155

Now it is time to introduce the companies that can offer users a marketplace just like foundation.

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The headquarter is in Istanbul and it was founded in 2016 and they are one of the best NFT Marketplace companies in the world. They work 24/4 to provide the clients with the best NFT marketplace they want and they are moving forward as fast as the technology does to satisfy their customers. The experts in the team do their best in consulting you for your desired marketplace. Other than developing NFT marketplaces, they also offer services like, cryptocurrency Exchange software decelopment, P2P cryptocurrency exchange software, trust wallet clone app development and, etc. they can develop NFT marketplaces by using apps like, Rarible, Opensea, cryptopunks and etc. thus, as it is clear, they are so open about your desired NFT Marketplace because of the vast field of choice they provide their clients with. One of the services they provide the clients with is creating a marketplace like Foundation. As soon as you enter the page, the offer you a demo and they offer to present a project which is affordable for them, thus, the cost will not be something extraordinary for the users.
Features of the Foundation clone script they offer:
• performance tracking
• Advanced asset organization
• Decentralized organization
• Tracking trade performance
• Captivating front store
• Create values for NFTs
• Market visibility
• Statistic analytics


The next company we are going to elaborate on is Bitdeal. They are a team of experienced experts that aside form NFT marketplace development, offer NFT apps on moblies and windows with high API integration. They can support all digital arts or assets like, arts, music, photography, video and gaming collectibles. Some of the features that this company has to offer are: NFT minting, Store Front, advanced Filters, advanced Search. They call themselves as one of the NFT marketplace development companies which believes in digitalization and striving to startups, enterprises in the crypto space. They have over 7 years of experience and it is fulfilled with strong developers, they also provide on time deployment and recommend free demo.
Some of the specific features of Bitdeal’s foundation
• Instant Market Launch
• Customizable
• Yields High ROI
• Attractive Dashboard options
• Superior Storefront design
• NFT Bid and Auction feature
• Scalability
• Rewards sections
• Integrated referral options


In CoinsQueens, they provide bug-free Foundation clone scripts at a budget-friendly price. The clone they offer is packed with exciting features and security options that make the NFT Marketplace like Foundation more attractive and a safer place for NFT creators and collectors to do the trades. It is end-to-end customizable based on the client’s preferance. The good news is that rhey have already delivered various clone scripts for their clients all over the world.
Feature of CoinsQueens Foundation Clone
• Storefront
• Multi-wallet integration
• Asset categorization
• NFT Minting
• Advanced search option
• Diverse types of assets
• Asset listing
• Analytics
• Performance monitor


It was founded in 2006 and it offers development services to all around the world, it also offers costume solution for various domains, for instance, music, art, sport and etc. what that makes this company so well-reputed is the policy of on-time delivery and it also offers responsive support. The cost of the service they give you is very different, but they try to do projects that is affordable for you. However, their average hourly rate is $25. Currently about 200 people are employed there and the minimum project size for this company is $1,000. Clients who have chosen this company can take advantage of easy-to-deploy NFT marketplace development solutions like Foundation clone, OpenSea Clone, Rarible Clone, SuperRare Clone, Decentraland Clone, and so on and so forth. They claim that they can provide the users the best version of Foundation which has the features mentioned below:
• Multi-chain Platform
• NFT Experrise
• Post-launch Support
• Stringent Testing


Maticz is an award-winning software development company which is located in Madurai, Tamil Nadu, India, and provides cutting-edge engineering solutions and services for clients all around the world. The services they provide the clients with are designing and developing crypto exchanges, DApp, smart contracts, web development, mobile app development, and NFT marketplace development and Foundation clone script is one of the scripts that they use to develop marketplaces for people who want them. They claim that they deliver it with customization features that attracts more users into the world of NFTs. They features they provide the clients with are:
• Decentralized design architecture
• Categorized classification of assets
• Individual trade performance tracking
• Recommended new assets in the market
• Endless digital asset listing
• User suggested and preferred trade-off
• P2P as well as P2A accessible.


It was launched in India in 2007 and it is known as one of the best NFT companies just like the other two companies and just like other companies it offers services for various domains like, music, real estate, metaverse and etc. they average hourly rate is $50 to $99. The minimum project size for this company is $5,000 and the number of people who are employed there is about 200.
The team in this company have vast experience in creating non-fungible tokens on the blockchain network like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, Polygon, Cardano, Solana, EOS, and more. Foundation clone is one of the services they offer. They are known to serve the best NFT development solutions and these are the features of it
• Tough security
• Ardent support
• Absolute transparency
• Engaging user interface
• Smart integrstion

in this article one of the popular clone scripts have been introduced and some of the features were elaborated on. I’m sure that people who have followed this article are looking for the best service possible, but the best service is available when you are certain about what you are looking for and when you are decided on what you want you can find the one which responds tou your need the best.

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