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The Ideal Developer

Skill Set

  • 30% (Problem Solving) Think and solve problems by Q&A, research, and experience / Use new concepts or paradigms when appropriate / Pulling it all together.
  • 20% (Organization) Getting things done / Document your Work & Code
  • 15% (Soft Skills) Collaborator / Seek patterns that work for all / Communicate
  • 15% (The Language) Should have at least researched it before an interview... :)
  • 10% (Learning/Sharing) Ability and willingness research and experiment / Learn from others / Ability to apply new Concepts and share with team
  • 10% (Experience) without Ego / Knowledge & Breadth
  • 0% - (Code a bubble sort algorithm) not even in my top 100 requirements

What am I asking myself...

  • Can this person bring something to the table that will not only achieve our business goals but also reduce friction in our team and to our processes?
  • Can this person bring experience to our organization without the ego or know-it-all attitude?
  • Can this person find a library with a bubble sort algorithm? (It is a huge waste of resources having a team write code that can be found in a common library)

Better interview questions might include:

  • "Tell me about the bubble sort and binary tree. Where and why would you use it?
  • "What is the difference between a binary tree and linked list?". "When might you use one over the other?" (trying to determine what and how much you know - similarities, differences, how you apply knowledge, logic, your modus operandi)

The Bottom Line

I assume and trust that if you can compare and contrast items and understand how and where it applies, I'll trust that you can use a library or code it.

For the most part, code efficiency questions are a thing of the past.

... Just my two cents

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Jaime López

Totally agree with you at all. The thing is not being the guru of a programming language or an architecture but kind of a problem solver. The rest of the skills are tools to get able to reach to a proper solution.