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From the first day being in the OSD 600, we had been asked to make a Static Site Generator(SSG) as our first assignment in this course. Although we are free to choose any language we like to make this project, I chose the only language that I think I'm good at comparing to other coding languages which is JavaScript.

After picking a language, the next thing I need to do was give it a name. Since I'm not good at naming anything, I just called it as "My-First-SSG".


My-First-SSG is a program as its name. It generates a HTML file base on the user input .txt file or input folder that contains some .txt files.
For example, we have 5 .txt files as a test files from our professor David Humphrey. These are chapters reading from the book "Sherlock-Holmes". And My-First-SSG could convert all of these .txt files to HTML files with only one command.


Except the basic features, I also required to add 2 or more optional features for My-First-SSG.

  • I make my code takes the first line of the .txt file which generally was as the title and put then to the <title> </title> and add it into <h1> </h1> to the top of the <body>.
  • I make my own <footer>.

Example [Step By Step]

  1. Clone the source code from Github
  2. Open the source file with Visual Studio Code
  3. Install the package yargs by npm -i yargs
  4. Use the command node server.js -h to get help information image
  5. Use the command node server.js -v to check the version
  6. Use the command node server.js -i Silver Blaze.txt to run the code, which will generate a SilverBlaze.html file into the ./dist folder. image image
  7. Use the command node server.js -i .\Sherlock-Holmes-Selected-Stories\ to run the code, which will generate a bunch of html files with a specific name bases on the .txt files that the Sherlock-Holmes-Selected-Stories contains, and put them into the ./dist folder. image image


Click here to check the Demo.
Since this is the first version of "My-First-SSG", there are more and more features coming up soon!

Link to the repository: []

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