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Code Talk - July 2018

Code Talk is back, and once again I share the best blog posts I've found this month.

Technology changes so quickly and it's been fun looking through my older Code Talk posts. It wasn't long ago we were discussing Jquery3.0 and SPA's, and then AngularJs and GitHub coming onto the scene. How interesting it is to see how much these technologies have shaped our landscape!

I thought it was time I brought the series back, and shared what I've been reading. Equally if you've been reading anything interesting, or want to talk about the blog posts listed, then please do so below the fold.

So here we go.

6 of the best blog posts I've read this month:

How to write good, composable and pure components in Angular 2+

I've recently started working with Angular, and the knack of creating good components is still proving a challenge, this great post explains the differences between smart and dumb components as well as stateful and stateless!

Prioritising your technical roadmap.

When creating a roadmap for your product or organisation it's important to keep 3 simple principles in mind, Desirability, Viability and Feasibility.  This short piece explains more about how you should go about this.

Goodbye Microservices -

This great post details the journey Segment have been on from monolith to microservices and back again!

It's refreshing to hear that Microservices are not always the best approach, and that sometimes retreating to a tried and tested method can yeild benefits for a team.

Css Tricks - FOUT / FOIT / FOFT

CSS is always evolving, and clever and interesting solutions to problems are discovered every day. Custom fonts are more and more common these days, but loading these resources can cause problems for certain web users. FOFT or (Flash of Faux Text) is a nice way of getting around the situation, if you haven't heard of the acronym or the technique then jump in.

ES6 Reflection In Depth

Writing my blog post on Reflection, I did quite a bit of additional reading and this post on ES6 reflection really stood out. Great explanation and examples throughout! I'm not going to delve to much into reflection again, but If you enjoyed my blog post on Reflection, then you will probably enjoy this one too.

Mastering Chaos - a Netflix Guide by Josh Evans

I always like to add one video to my monthly lists, some people prefer listening to someone speak, and Josh Evans is great here talking about the chaotic and vibrant world of microservices at Netflix. This is a must watch for anyone thinking about this transition. It's a little old but Netflix are still the best in class when looking at their setup, so I still very much recommend it.

Mastering Chaos

Let me know if any of these have been useful for you, and if there is anything else I should be reading, then please link it below.

Til next time,
Chris 😊

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