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I talked 🗣🎙 about "create-awesome-package" at NodeJS Berlin(Germany 🇩🇪)

A few weeks ago, I created a CLI named create-awesome-package and it was AWESOME to talk about it at Node.JS Berlin Meetup 🙌

This CLI helps to create the package with JS/TS, build system(Webpack/Parcel) and necessary stuff 🔥

It's like "create-react-app" but for building packages 📦

You can create package with JavaScript/TypeScript. Just write your own code 🔥

How to use

Go to your root of the package you want to build. Then, Just run

npx create-awesome-package my-package
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and you are done!

It will provide you the boilerplate you need to get started!

Alt Text

Alt Text

It's on NPM. Please check out here


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