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Stop using relative paths in your React Native imports. Use Aliases instead.

Use Aliases in your imports with Babel

Instead of doing this in your imports i.e:

import Component from '../../../components/shared/Header';

You could do something like this from anywhere in your project i.e:

import Component from 'components/shared/Header';

Or you could even go as deep as you want i.e:

import Component from '@/shared/Header';

You get the point... no more relative paths ('../../../../../../') to import any of your components.


  • Install required dependencies
npm i babel-plugin-module-resolver metro-react-native-babel-preset
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  • Head over to your babel.config.js file in your project root directory. (If it doesn't exist, create it)

  • Add the module-resolver plugin to your plugins array like this:

module.exports = {
    presets: ['module:metro-react-native-babel-preset']
    plugins: [
                root: ['.'],
                extensions: ['.ios.js', '.android.js', '.js', '.ts', '.tsx', '.json'],
                alias: {
                    '@': './src/components',
                    'constants': './src/constants',
                    '##': './src/examples',
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Make sure to provide the path you want to reference with an alias, and the alias name itself.

According to the example above now you're able to import files or modules like this

import MyComponent from '@/MyComponent.js'
import MyConstantFile from 'constants/myConstant.js'
import MyExample from '##/MyExample.js'
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Discussion (3)

enchance profile image

This article is incomplete for a dev post. What are the pros and cons of this?

madebyaaron profile image
Aaron Moore

I disagree, the core benefit of using aliases is covered at the beginning.

joorce profile image
Jose Ortega • Edited

Maybe the core benefit is explained but what about the main drawback.
Everything has pros and cons