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Hillary Chibuko
Hillary Chibuko

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Nodejs vs python on the web

I have been working with javascript for a while now and i think javascript is faster than python on the web ....100%

Javscript was built basically for the web and python being like an all purpose programming language cant compare to javascript when it comes to the browser

Nodejs vs python for backend

I say the winner is Nodejs

Leave your thoughts on which you prefer and solid reasons why

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Waylon Walker

I think it greatly depends on your team. The effectiveness of every team member being on the same page rather than doing their own thing in a bunch of different languages completely trumps any potential gains a language can give in my opinion.

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Like Waylon said, it depends on the team. Let's say you are alone or a small team and you know both very well, Python is the winner, with Django, Fastapi etc.