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Hillary Chibuko
Hillary Chibuko

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Web Real Time Communication

WebRTC, its an acronym that stands to represent
web Real-Time-Communication,its an api that enables computers share video,audio and even binary data.
understanding how webRTC does not really have to be a pain in the ass, I basically started using it myself and kinda already understand what it entails, unlike traditional websockets where-by all computers rely on a server for information from each clients-computer, WebRTC is much better.

WebRtc also works with a server which is basically for signalling purposes, at first the first computer makes a call which could be a video or audio request ,it does this by first creating a connection new RTCPeerConnection(), this function takes in an object which is nothing more than information about how to set-up ICE(internet connectivity establishment) and different ICE servers to choose from (Google provides us with tons of free ICE to choose from),after this has been passed to the function an offer is to be made by the local client this offer basically provides Sdp which is nothing more than media configurations about the clients machine this Sdp is then sent to the server, there are many servers out there to choose from, the intended client which is considered as the remote client gets this update from the server and in turn is required to respond by sending its own Sdp back to the local client and by this a connection has been created for both computers...

But we are not done yet, these computers also need to provide icecandidates,this contains ip/port information of both computers and once this has been established both computers can now communicate without the server having to take part in whats going on......

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