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Sebastian Bains
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A developer is never late

He deploys precisely when he means to... Or more accurately I'm writing this post exactly when intended, post 3 full days of Christmas turkey meals.

Scrimba's #Javascriptmas may now be over (& completed 😁) but it doesn't mean an end to tapping away on that keyboard. It's honestly been great fun to follow along with the challenges and I'll be first in the queue for any future holiday fun they have in store. Daily practicing has really helped me to stop and think about these problems and what solutions I can best utilise to solve them. The social aspect of everyone sharing their own solutions has been great to see clever ways others have solved these too.

So what's next?
Scrimba themselves have no shortage of both free and paid online courses available but I've long had my eye on Wes Bos' free #Javascript30 course. Not quite the same as Scrimba's daily challenges, instead it's building 30 new things in 30 days with 30 tutorials. A great way to start the year in learning some solid Javascript principles and again to keep on practicing.

But why stop there? This is a new year full of new resolutions and possibilities. Tweeting Scrimba's #Javascriptmas solution each day included the #100daysofcode tag, a social challenge to aim to code at least an hour a day for 100 days in a row. Sounds daunting, but where #Javascriptmas had dipped my toes into continuous daily coding, #Javascript30 can hopefully solidify and get me a third of the way to the end goal, exciting!

After that, no idea. Let's aim to keep the chain going so if you have a suggestion of a good course or challenge leave a comment.

Finally, as I know you've all been waiting, the full list of 24 Solutions:
Day 1: Candies

Day 2: Deposit Profit

Day 3: Chunky Monkey

Day 4: Century From Year

Day 5: Reverse a String

Day 6: Sort by Length

Day 7: Count Vowel Consonant

Day 8: The Rolling Dice

Day 9: Sum Odd Fibonacci Numbers

Day 10: Adjacent Elements Product

Day 11: Avoid Obstacles

Day 12: Valid Time

Day 13: Extract Each Kth

Day 14: Maximal Adjacent Difference

Day 15: Carousel

Day 16: Insert Dashes

Day 17: Different Symbols Naive

Day 18: Previous Less Array

Day 19: Alphabet Subsequence

Day 20: Domain Type

Day 21: Sum of Two

Day 22: Extract Matrix Column

Day 23: Social Media Input

Day 24: Test your Agility

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Alex Booker • Edited

JavaScript30 looks awesome 😃

Honestly, I think we should do something like that at Scrimba. I know @florinpop17 has a Udemy course about building projects every day, too - must be a great way to put what you've learned to practice.

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Sebastian Bains

Thanks Alex, will definitely go check out more of florins posts and projects.
Looks like some great stuff at first glance, appreciate it.