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#Day6 in 100dayofcode

And it's my day 6 and today I learnt MangoDb and some javascript. I learned MangoDb because I'm used to python a lot and I wish of making more with my python knowledge. So I started learning MangoDb and django for my python skills. AND I've also learnt some new things in Javascript which is quite interesting. I'm kinda loving javascript but it's still like a lot hell,but I think I can do this πŸš€.

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Jake Varness

JavaScript can definitely feel like hell sometimes, but it’s well worth the effort to learn. Keep chugging along: it’ll pay dividends

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Nirosh kumar.R

Hello bro,can I ask you some doubt?

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Filipe Marques

That's amazing to hear! Good job and keep going! Javascript is one of my favorite languages. It can get a little complicated sometimes, but with some practice it gets easy!