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What is the best programming language to start with?

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Aria Azadi Pour

Just want to put my own answer here.

I think it is very different for each person. It really matters if you are someone who is coming from outside of this area or you are someone already inside the computer science section and want to work with the ideas and see many of the ideas in your face and work with them in action.

If you are someone who is new to this world and you want to choose a programming language to start, I recommend instead of choosing a programming language, choosing a tech sector; For example see if you are more interested in Front-end development or Back-end development or mobile app development or.... . Once you choose the sector that you want to work in then it is going to be easier to chose a programming language because in every programming language's core, they are designed for some purpose and most of them grow to become the best one in one tech sector.

If you want to work primarily in one sector which is what every software engineer, developer, or programmer do, you can check what is the language that is used most of the time in that tech sector and then continue your journey with that language.

If you are someone with a background in computer science and an interest in how software communicates with software without any sugar coding, you almost certainly should try C/C++ in order to understand this matter the best. There are some actions that the modern high-end programming languages use in order to make programmers work easier and many people may never understand what is going on in the background and that isn't a problem at all but knowing what is happening can help a lot with understanding the relationship between software and hardware which is not necessary at all.

Keep in mind choosing your first language wouldn't mean that you are locked with that technology and you need to use it until the day you die. Learning a new programming language is never a problem when you understand the basic structure of the programming languages and it won't take a lot of time like it may have done for the first programming language that you tried. I, myself first learned PHP and worked with PHP for a long time then learned Java and after that, I learned JavaScript which is my main language now and learning JavaScript wasn't the end of the row for me and I continued learning many other programming languages and their technologies whenever I felt the need for working with new technology.

Be brave, Don't think about it a lot, and do what you think is the best for you.

Here is a list of tech sectors and the most popular languages in them. Keep in mind it might change a lot and these are mostly based on my opinion.

  • Front-end
    • JavaScript(React/Angular/Vue)
  • Back-end
    • JavaScript(Node.js)
    • PHP(Laravel/symfony)
  • Mobile App Development
    • Android App Development
      • Java(Android Native)
      • Kotlin(Android Native)
    • IOS App Development
      • Swift(IOS Native)
    • Cross-platform Mobile App Development
      • Dart(Flutter)
      • JavaScript(React Native/Expo/Ionic)
  • Desktop App Development
    • C++(QT)
    • Python(PyQT)
    • JavaScript(Electron)
  • AI/Data Science
    • Python
    • R