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Devello Studio, online development environment, accompanying you from coding to release

Devello Studio, accessible via below address, is an online development environment empowering you to create, edit, import, export, debug, and release projects in your browser:

It is first and foremost an IDE specifically designed for web development, supporting you in almost all aspects of the process, from coding to release, as demonstrated in following video:

There are several methods available for creating a project. You can either start something from scratch and then create your own structure or import a project from anywhere on your local system (as a ZIP file) or even from over the web. For the time being, you can import projects from FTP servers or GitHub repositories. We’ll talk about the whole process with more details in another article in the near future.

Different methods available for creating a project in Devello Studio

Currently two modes are supported for releasing your product, either via Github or FTP which are both explained in separate videos and we will cover them in later articles as well.

We don’t support node technologies (yet), but otherwise you’ll find many topics covered you need when it comes to work with web based projects.

You can create both public and private projects, and each project can contain unlimited number of files and folders according to your needs.

This online development environment can be immediately used either by creating a project, opening a public project and extending it or forking it to keep the main version intact and having your own project. Although registering is not mandatory but you may take advantage of many extra features available for registered users such as being able to create private projects or the option to making your public projects read-only.

You can make your own Devello Studio account or use your GitHub or Google accounts to login. Logging using GitHub account enables you to commit your projects to GitHub repositories or even sync your project with a repo, so you never miss anything.

Public projects can be explored and viewed by all users via explore menu in the landing page.

An interesting feature of Devello Studio is that you can practically keep on working exactly where you had left off your project last time, open files will be loaded as before and last file you were previously working on will be active again, and not only that, but also cursor position will be restored.

Adding content to projects can be a real headache particularly when you have to deal with several items, but we allow you to add folder trees (folders containing files and other folders) using drag and drop, also you are able to compress your contents into a ZIP file and let it be uploaded and automatically extracted into your project.

As you see in following image, several modes are available for viewing a file. If you just want to focus on coding, code view is perhaps best for you, as it provides you with a big code editor, otherwise you may switch to one of the split modes which show a preview of the code either horizontally or vertically.

Devello Studio supports different modes for previewing files

There is another mode for just viewing the result (in this case no editor will be visible at all). Once project is opened, all files will be restored to their previous view modes.

When it comes to presenting your work to others, Devello Studio has interesting offers in the form of embeddable versions. You can customize layout of the version your users will see the project by default, although they’ll be able to change it if allowed by you. In addition a project can have several embed versions, each with their own specific layout and design.

We’re just in the beginning, and know that in order to be able to meet the overwhelming and ever increasing needs of developers, there’s still a long list of to-dos, and that’s what we’re working on. And last but not least, as a way to help you find out more about Devello Studio, we’ll occasionally post more articles on different topics, each of which focused on a certain feature. At the same time, you can watch our video tutorials here:

Stay in touch, and enjoy coding in the cloud with Devello Studio.

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