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10 Best Forum to become a good Developer in 2022

This is the list of some top 5 growing programming related forums/communities you must join. These forums may help you to get your answers for bug fixes and related topics. Also, joining this forum may help you to be a good developer.

Webmatrices Forum

A lot of posts of this forum ranks on Google. Also, this forum is nicely popular among new developers.

It has the highest Daily Pageviews per Visitor: 6.1 and daily time on site: 5:52. It also has a decent amount of content in it. Users mostly talk about web/app development, game development and blogging/SEO related stuff here.

This forum is also growing really fast. Suggest you to join this forum if you wanna learn about web development frameworks (Django, vue), API security, web scraping, automation, gameDevelopment and blogging/SEO.
Visit here:

Also, this forum has no ads.


This forum is somehow popular on the web. According to Alexa rank, it has 1.53 Daily Pageviews per Visitor and 1:50 daily time on site. It has slightly lesser ranks than Webmatrices. The number of content, questions and answers is also pretty good. People generally talk about Python, C++ and Ai related stuff here.
Visit here:


This website is genuinely awesome for learning OS-related stuff. It has 1.3 Daily Pageviews per Visitor and 1:26 daily time on site. People discuss C programming, Onion architecture, .NET, and other OS-related stuff. Joining this forum would be great if you wanna about OS. Although there's a decrement rate in the Alexa rank of this forum website, I guess the rate will be changed soon.
Visit here:


This website is also somehow related to hardware and OS related stuff. Daily Pageviews per Visitor and daily time on site are 1.3 and 1:34 respectively. Members usually discuss VB.NET, Computer Hardware, Python and os related stuff.
I suggest you join this forum if you really wanna dive more into OS, hardware development and C programming.
Visit here:


This forum is the smallest of all mentioned here, but growing really nice. 1.4 Daily Pageviews per Visitor and 0:57 Daily Time on Site is the Alexa report of this site. People here talk about Python GUI, Tkinter, HTML, CSS and Java. I suggest you join this forum if you're really new to the programming world.
Visit here:

As I mentioned, these are growing forums, you are the one who gonna be another growth factor of these forums.

By the way, this is the repost of my last article.

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Eranda K.

awesome content. TFS

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Bishwas Bhandari

Welcome brother, let's get connect in the top most forum I have indexed.