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Developer Nation Survey

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Sharing common developer frustrations and how to overcome them, plus updates from Apple, Android, Microsoft and WordPress.

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Our Free Resources

Hack the Rainbow. NEAR's first Massive Open Online Hackathon running from 15 to 30th September. [NEAR.ORG]

2020 DIGIX Global AI Challenge. Huawei are offering student algorithm enthusiasts the opportunity to explore uncharted territories in this challenge. Up to $30,000 could be won. [HUAWEI]

9 habits I wish I had as a junior developer. Have you ever sat down and taken an inventory of your habits? Habits are what make us who we are. [FREECODECAMP]

How to keep healthy if you are a software programmer. Being a programmer can be a thrilling yet demanding experience, making everything else —including your health — take a back seat. Smart programmers are aware of this and take steps to keep healthy amidst the many lines of code running through their heads. [SIMPLEPROGRAMMER]

Why we love rewriting code from scratch. I've got an oddly satisfying feeling when I think of rewriting code from scratch. It's time to make things right. I can finally fix all those problems with the architecture all at once. I will no longer suffer from previous mistakes. It feels so good! [MEDIUM]

Software engineering: the next 50 years. This post speculates on possible directions and the challenges faced by the research and software engineering community that needs to start now in order to be relevant tomorrow. [NINLABS]

From unknown title to viral game: 12 growth lessons from Spellbreak. If there's one thing you take away from this talk, it should be this: No one cares about your game. I cannot recommend enough how humble you should be about this...It's your job to make people care. [A16Z]

Common developer frustrations and how to overcome them. Derek Lee Boire, Senior Member of Technical Staff at VMware Pivotal Labs, addresses common developer frustrations, such as decision fatigue, and the tools and methods to overcome them. What frustrations do you experience? Let us know. [DEVELOPERECONOMICS]

This isn't the 1990s': Apple under pressure from app developers. The company's rigid control of the iPhone App Store, long a source of friction for developers large and small, became a battleground over the summer, as Apple began to tighten policies requiring developers to pay the company a cut of commerce on the store. [THEGUARDIAN]

A complete HTML5 canvas cheat sheet – pdf free download. Get a free copy of this HTML5 canvas cheat sheet in PDF or PNG format. [CODING-DUDE]

Our Free Resources

State of the Developer Nation 18th Edition - Q4 2019 - The report focuses on six major themes - each with its own visualisations, showing how the data lends insight into the developer community.

Developer Population Calculator- Have you ever wondered how many developers there are like you around the world? Now you can get an instant answer.

Infographic: Top programming language communities - Which programming languages the developer nation uses the most? Our data reveal which programming language communities are rising faster than others, which are dropping down the rankings, and which are the new additions to the club!

Industry News

Apple's next event is on September 15. Likely new product launches this fall include new 5G iPhones, new Apple Watch models, an Apple Silicon-equipped Mac of some kind—and possibly a refreshed iPad Air, new audio products, or the company's long-rumoured Tile competitor. [ARSTECHNICA]

Researcher details Google Maps vulnerability that earned him $10,000. Israel-based security researcher Zohar Shachar discovered the vulnerability in April 2019 and it was patched a few weeks later, but he only now disclosed his findings. [SECURITYWEEK]

Android 11 features – what developers need to know about the new APIs. Android 11 is here, and with it, a whole bunch of changes from Android 10. And those changes mean that developers are going to need to update their apps to take advantage of everything Android 11 has to offer (and everything it restricts). [XDADEVELOPERS]

Microsoft announces the general availability of Azure Spring Cloud. Two new features available in preview are Managed Virtual Network, which allows users to be in control of inbound and outbound network communications for Azure Spring Cloud and enables Azure Spring Cloud to interact with systems in on-premises data centers or Azure services in virtual networks. The second, Autoscale, which helps with application scaling. [INFOQ]

Microsoft to developers: Say goodbye to cloud-based dev environment Visual Studio Codespaces. Visual Studio Codespaces users will need to move to GitHub Codespaces by February 2021, when the Visual Studio Codespaces offering on Azure will end. What's not clear yet is the pricing for GitHub Codespaces, which is currently in a private beta. In May, along with the rebrand from Visual Studio Online, Microsoft reduced the price of VS Codespaces in the Microsoft Azure cloud. [ZDNET]

Guy runs 'Doom' on a pregnancy test and wait, what? The tradition of running the legendary game Doom on various gadgets and appliances that were not originally designed for gaming is long, but this one takes the cake. [MASHABLE]

700,000 WordPress users affected by zero-day vulnerability in File Manager Plugin. On September 1, 2020, the Wordfence Threat Intelligence team was alerted to the presence of a vulnerability being actively exploited in File Manager, a WordPress plugin with over 700,000 active installations. This vulnerability allowed unauthenticated users to execute commands and upload malicious files on a target site. [WORDFENCE]

Dgraph launches Slash GraphQL, a GraphQL-native database Backend-as-a-Service. For the developer, using Slash GraphQL means setting up a backend should be as easy as specifying the GraphQL schema and then clicking the deploy button. As you iterate, you can change your schema as needed, hit deploy again and then everything should simply work as expected. "I think that's the power that a native GraphQL database like the Dgraph can bring, because other solutions that are in the market are all GraphQL layers on top of other non-native GraphQL databases." [TECHCRUNCH]

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