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Why do a dark theme is Best than the ordinary one?

Before discussing on the topic, Let's dive into the big companies, what they think of using the dark theme:-
->Google Says " it improvises visibility for users with low vision & those who are sensitive to bright light"
->Microsoft says " it reduces eye strain & improves battery life "
->Apple says "It is easy to focus on your work "

Do you know why Dark mode became popular?

The upcoming and the latest apps are used by most of the teens, so practically looking after it, It gains a craze for every web developer, Andriod Developer, iOS developer to make a dark mode in their apps and websites to gain Audience. Also scientifically the images, icons, text & Other elements pop out due to the contrast and help in highlighting the information and matter displayed on the screen.

Let's begin the discussion!

Looking in the Science way, Dark mode helps a lot in saving energy consumption on devices with OLED and AMOLED displays.
OLED = Organic Light Emitting Diode
AMOLED = Active Matrix Organic Light-emitting diode
When the background is white, all the pixels are turned on and the display demands more power.
OLED offers a dark mode battery conserving benefits.
A small survey has been taken and the report from iFixit found there was a 63% drop in power usage for an android phone displaying a screenshot of Google Maps in Night mode.

The Dark Mode is the most used of any other feature of an app or website while working for long durations and continuously looking at the screen.

This below figures States it all:-
Battery Savings =
5.6% - 44.7% at full brightness
1.8% - 23.5% at 38% brightness

But there's always Cons to the Pros part !!!

-> Study Showed that using Dark mode for long and long hours could actually be worse for your sleep pattern. Blue light actually signals our brain that it's Nighttime because it resembles the colors of twilight, scientist say.
-> Now let's see how Tester (enemy of Developer ) looks into it!
Imagine having a site with a pure black background with white font, it will be hard to read!

I have taken a small research on my Instagram, let's look into the responses

Alt Text
It means eyes are stress-free.
Alt Text
This is one of the smartest reply by my friend Abhinav Gadekar . I actually love this relation and the kind of relation he made. It's quite good.
Alt Text
Yes, the separation is made quite easy with this kind of view.
Alt Text
This was given by Lakshmi, my school friend.
Alt Text
Yes its very important, taking care of ourselves while working for long long hours.

So we can came to a conclusion DARK MODE IS BEST

written & experimented by
Devesh Chandrabhan Korde
Developer || Entrepreneur

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Shine Santhosh

I won't code in an IDE that doesn't support dark mode

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Devesh Chandrabhan Korde

Wow, that's great brother!