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A simple API using Django,Postgresql and Celery

Day 1
A Django rest framework API for Air pollution data of India. Air pollution data resource is from Govt. Of India Open Data Source.

A simple django project with some models and restfull api support. I am using Celery(A python lib.) to fetch data using celery tasks scheduler. I will store all data to Postgresql database.

All code will be available on Github. I will create a link in my next post.

For now i will simply start with project installations.

I am using windows system for this project. We need to install Python latest version from Download Python. After Installing Python successfully, we will install virtualenv library, virtualenv is a tool to create isolated Python environments. virtualenv creates a folder which contains all the necessary executable to use the packages that a Python project would need. It can be used standalone, in place of Pipenv. Install virtualenv via pip, since i am using windows system, so every command will run inside command prompt:

pip install virtualenv

After installing virtualenv we will create a virtual environment by using:

mkdir test_django to create a dir for project(Choose any name.)
cd test_django
virtualenv env_name to create a virtualenv.

After creating virtualenv, check that environment is activated.


For deactivating environment use deactivate command and for re activate:

cd test_django
Scripts\activate and hit enter

First we need to install Django, which we will do by using Pyhton Pip. I am using Django version 2.2 and Django Rest Framework, you can use any latest version.

(env_name)C:\test_django> pip install django==2.2
(env_name)C:\test_django> pip install djangorestframework

We are almost set to start the project. I will create another post to start project.

Please let me know if anyone is facing any issue, i will keep updating post here.

Thanks and hope you enjoy the article.


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Achal Pathak

django v3 is out...any specific reason for not using it in ur projectπŸ€”

devmanish1290 profile image
Manish Yadav

Yes Django Version 3 is out, we can use latest version of Django too. But i generally prefer stable release version for Django which is 2.2. But you can use any version its up to you. And thank you for your precious time.