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Friday Night Deploys: #15 Developer Pitfalls Or (How Not To Die Miserably In The Hole You've Dug)

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Last week the DevPlebs talk about: The burden of daylight savings time! Becoming a conspiracy podcast! Death threats! Wimpy web developers! Meeting our quota for talking about web development on the podcast! Our collective bad memories! Keith's lazy dogs! Canadian winter! Phil's Gatsby talk and his average sized deck! The ever-declining quality of this podcast! Only listening to audio in .FLAC format! Dropping spoilers for the movie Saw! The market for erotic podcasts! Using bitwise operators to look smart and write unmaintainable code! Holding yourself accountable! Keith's weird promise of fan fiction at 1000 streams! Bidets and Thai butt guns! Weak and lazy metaphors! Professor Jaret Wright! People trying to sell us services even though we're broke! How to be a better developer!

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