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Friday Night Deploys #19 - Pretty Much Just 35 Minutes Of Us Complaining About Meetings


I hope everyone is doing absolutely fantastic; at least as much as you can be during these times. We're still doing this podcast thing every week, although, we're trying to tighten up the length of our episodes to appeal to the lack of commuting happening now. Feel free to let us know if you like the extra focus or if you want to bring back more fluff of our excitingly boring lives! Always thanks to everyone who listens in to the show; you're all rad, hope you enjoy this week's episode!

This week the DevPlebs talk about: Popping this pop! Getting demonetized! Weezer's Blue Album! Grammy award-winning artist Weird Al Yankovic! The movie UHF! The movie BASEketball! How people who like Weird Al's original songs vs his parodies are superior human beings! Meteor.js! Our (probably) one-millionth stream! Avril Lavigne! Lyme disease! Getting canceled and bringing our podcast back for due to audience demand! The terrible comeback seasons of Arrested Development! Bringing your dogs and kids and cats into your meetings! Becoming Tik Tok famous! Phil's insistence on using inside jokes! The Joe Rogan podcast! Reminding Phil what the show Fear Factor was! A new podcast where we review every individual episode of the Big Bang Theory! How problematic How I Met Your Mother is! We continued down spiral in quality! Being naked from the waist down during meetings!

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