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Devraj Roy
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My dev journey

Hello world, my name is Devraj Roy and I am learning web development with Tanay Pratap. Am writing this blog to tell you How I started my programming journey…

I live in Guwahati a small city of NorthEast India. I completed my Higher Secondary in 2014. I did not study college. Since I did not had a college degree I struggled to find a good job.

I worked as a food delivery guy, worked in a drug store, in a warehouse. In 2020 I lost my job. I didn’t know what am going to do back then. My financial situation from bad got to worst. I continued searching for job but No Vacancies.
In April 2021 a good friend of mine Jowel Tisso asked me to try programming. He was already working as a freelance app developer. He told me about neogcamp and Tanay Pratap’s level 0.

At first I told him programming wasn’t for me. But I started watching Tanay Pratap’s video on YouTube and started following him on Instagram. Eventually I thought to give it a try and started with level 0.
For a newbie like me who has no coding experience before level 0 is perfect start. The way Tanay Pratap explains everything and how course is prepared for beginners is awesome.

I like to code now I can be rest assured of good future in this field. Programming doesn’t require good grades or a college degree as long as am ready to work hard.

Skills are crafted, not gifted.

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