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Vaidehi Joshi for The DEV Team

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Base CS: Depth First Search Writing

Today's episode of BaseCS explores depth-first tree traversal on trees!

We'll learn the basics of the DFS algorithm, and see how to interact with a single node when traversing through a tree. Next, we'll investigate the different common strategies used to implement this algorithm: Preorder, Inorder, and Postorder search. Finally, we'll learn about the benefits and downsides of these different strategies and determine when to use one strategy over the other!

This whole series is sponsored by Heroku. A special thank you to Heroku for their ongoing support!

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chen profile image

The way you explain things with diagrams is just amazing. I like how you break down complex concepts to simple statements. This is great starting point for people to get an idea of whatever you explain 🤓
Keep up the great work Vaidehi!

codemouse92 profile image
Jason C. McDonald

Thank you again for another great explanation, Vaidehi.

3bdallah profile image

where implementation link and More Problems beginners ?