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BaseCS: Graph Theory Part 2

Today's episode of BaseCS continues our investigation into graph theory!

We’ll start by learning how to apply the theory of graphs into practice, and see how to define a path through a graph in mathematical terms as an ordered list of directed edges. Then, we’ll shift into Leonard Euler’s mathematical proof, and learn about two new concepts: Eulerian cycles and Eulerian paths. Finally, we’ll investigate what conditions must be true in order for us to find an Eulerian cycle through a graph versus an Eulerian path!

This whole series is sponsored by Heroku. A special thank you to Heroku for their ongoing support!

To learn more about the history of graph theory and Leonard Euler, check out this quick and fun lesson: Byte Sized.

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gregfletcher profile image
Greg Fletcher

This series was amazing!

Any plans for season 3?

Thanks for the hard work and attention to detail!