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Congratulations to Phil Nash for being the first winner of the Big Thread Badge

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This is the first week we announce a Big Thread Badge winner, and the recipient is Phil Nash.

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The Big Thread Badge is awarded to the person who creates a discussion thread on the site that sparks the most collective comment love (e.g. score as determined by total ❤️ reactions and adjacent ranking factors).

This was Phil's thread:

Details about this contest can be found in this post from last week:

Entry is simple: Start a thread that is bound to spark a lot of comments. Ask the community to tell a certain kind of story and get lots of comments!

DEV employees are not eligible for the Big Thread Badge. 🙂

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The team behind this very platform. 😄
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Nice stuff @philnash . Like all badges on DEV, you can only win once, but as holder of the badge you can mentor new and upcoming thread starters to the greatness you have achieved.


Getting this badge makes the time I lost to a re-ordering of JavaScript keywords worth it!

But really, it's been amazing sharing all the little things that can go wrong when we're coding. And fantastic to see so many who are willing to share. A wonderful testament to the community here.

Here's to the next #discuss and the next big thread! 🥂


Nice one! May each thread be bigger than the last.

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