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I really think the hats are absolutely gorgeous. Well-fitted, embroidered. Definitely my pick as the best of the new stuff.


Well, I mean, who doesn’t need more stickers on a laptop that has no room for stickers? Purchased


I must be tired. Keep reading 'Unisex' as 'Unixsex'.

Which is confusing.


They do.

Depending on where in Asia you live you might get your stuff from their warehouse in Europe, depending on which one is closer to your location (California or Latvia).


Yes, most places. Individual location may vary.


Hi @ben , I'm interested by your T-shirts but I don't know how to choose the good size. Usually, I wear Medium size (in France). I'm 72 inches tall and I am quite thin.
Which size to you recommend knowing that I like fitted clothes ?


The stickers are desireable but out of my impulse-buy price range. :-( Good idea, though!


Problem solved: hit up relatives for the holidays!

They're like fancy socks: you can't take the plunge for yourself, but it's a "cheap" gift. ;-)


Not sure if you are aware of this but if you use any of the sorting options you get a 404 Not Found error.

404 Not Found

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