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Final week of Hacktoberfest!

If you're participating in Hacktoberfest this month, don't forget that this is the final week to get those pull-requests in!

It's been amazing to watch the community come together and expand this past month in the name of open source software. We've been reading contributors' stories, eyeing maintainers' projects, reviewing some truly awesome Forem contributions, and dreaming about all those trees planted 💚 In other words, we don't want this month to end!

As we head into the final moments of this group celebration of open source, be sure to check out this thread of projects seeking contributors if you're on the hunt, seek out any help you need here, and catch our Hacktoberfest streams featuring the Forem team and guests from the community. Details below.

Hacktoberfest streams with Forem this week

  • Monday, October 26th (past event) — Weekly Gratitude Stream where we give shoutouts to those who contributed to Forem's codebase. Replay here.
  • Tuesday, October 27th @ 11 AM ET/3 PM UTC — Hacktoberfest Helpdesk with @nickytonline and @coffeecraftcode, featuring an accessibility challenge!
  • Thursday, October 29th @ 1 PM ET/5 PM UTC — DEV community member @shriyash joins Nick and Christina to work on an open Forem issue.
  • Friday, October 30th @ 1 PM ET/5 PM UTC@levisharpe joins the crew in a discussion about podcasting and what he does as podcast producer here at Forem.

Catch them all on Twitch! Don't forget to follow us there to be notified when streams kick off.

We also encourage all participants to share their Hacktoberfest reflections, achievements, contributions, and plans for the future with all of us on DEV. Check out this handy template which you can modify however you want.

Cheers! 🎃

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robertobutti profile image
Roberto B.

It was an amazing month!
For my side "night" project I received a lot of High Quality Pull Request (I merged 40 PR during Hacktoberfest!!!) from the Open Source PHP community.
I think that it is an amzing opportunity to meet and know new developers (with different skill, from learner to "pro"). On my side, apart of improve the project with new features, it was a great opportunity to learn more from community, specially for "best practices" and go deeper with Design Patterns etc. We are just at the begin, I think that the project could be improved a lot in "code quality" perspective and I can learn more. I love all of this!
PS: while i'm commenting this, about automated tests, the code coverage is 100%!!! ;)

tomreifenberg profile image
Tom Reifenberg

This has been such a fun month! Thanks for the handy template, made it much easier to share what I've accomplished in the past few weeks.